In relation to the preparation of the offer, we are asking for the following additional information:

  1. Packaging suitable for transport. Currently we are working with IFKO boxes as is required by Billa Bulgaria and Penny Market. We are ready to deliver in cardboard boxes, but after specified requirements. Please, note that qualitative cardboard packages are produced in Bulgaria and we can offer models to your requirements.
  2. Requirements for signs on boxes and labeling of goods.
  3. Requirements for temperature during loading and transport.
  4. Requirements for ripeness during transporting, if necessary.
  5. Calculation of the rebate and other charges according to your rules.
  6. Quantity for the delivery is 33 euro-pallets suitable for a load of a whole TIR truck.
  7. Possibility of combining different products in one lot.
  8. Place of unloading, time of admission, attendant documents and contact persons at the base of admission.
  9. Your rules for manufacture, supply and packaging.
  10. Others

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